Some things about the Lebensreform movement in the early 20th century. The problems back then were the same like today: globalisation, brutal capitalism, financial crises, wars abroad, rise of global communication, a society in which very few get super-rich while the rest stays poor. So some young people turned their back on the degenerated systemContinue reading “Lebensreform”

Utopia – Dystopia

This precise moment, in wich we are living, is a time that we have to start to really change our way of behaving in the world, our habits and our consciousness, regarding this planet and all the life that inhabits it. There is no turning back anymore, our choices for the next 10 years will defineContinue reading “Utopia – Dystopia”


Identity and culture are essentially associated to the formation of societies, in a symbiotic relationship, interdependent and dynamic. They accompany the development of individuals and social groups, expressed by their language, values, gestures and social behavior. The universal view considers the anthropological differences between individuals and human societies, their beliefs and values, customes and institutions,Continue reading “Otaku”


In a time where we are and where we should just “Be”! These paintings are part of a project about the human condition, its limits, the process of finding each other and others around you. Stratifications belong to all socialised cultures, individual sacrifices for the good function of our material projections. What is the priceContinue reading “Structures”


The world we live in, is sometimes characterised by the lack of communication, unavoidable absences, evocations of permanent melancholy and frustration. Get out of our own comfort zone and understand how the outside world influences us, shapes us and inspires us… The creative process of this series, is the development of each work in aContinue reading “Espik”