The language of the materials plays a very important role in his work, revealing a constant dialectic between nature and geological sedimentary textures.

Strong symbolic connections emerge from the use of various materials such as plants, stone, glass, steel and other heterogeneous materials.

The characteristic of his work is the combination of the illusion of time and space, through a magnetic vibration between texture, color and light. It is the invention of another world, lush and interdependent, through the creation of its own rules in building the image.

Timeless moments, new fantasy allegorical worlds. Controlled chaos, a search of the ideal structure, where your dreams and contemporary fables reflect a temporary absence.

HIM is not an artist but a process of Alchemy.

It is possible to model art through what you think and feel at a precise moment, our minds are connected with the whole.
An artist is just a vehicle for artistic creations, that creates beyond the visible and superficial reality that is in front of him, he should not be concerned at pleasing the masses and being accepted by the others.

Instagram, Facebook, galleries, auctions and art fairs with works to be sold for millions of euros, because the art business sells. This is the world of speculation, not art, boring and predictable!

Here there is no artist, there is an alchemical process.

HIM is Alchemy, a process of mixture of different tools, it can be all of life materials. The alchemy of different materials to see what happens with all the substances when they come together, their reaction.


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