Utopia – Dystopia

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This precise moment, in wich we are living, is a time that we have to start to really change our way of behaving in the world, our habits and our consciousness, regarding this planet and all the life that inhabits it.

There is no turning back anymore, our choices for the next 10 years will define our future as a civilization for the following decades. We will choose to live with our Utopian views or our Distopian views.

To follow our Utopian views, we have to rescue fundamental human atributes, such as the importance of Mythology, reconnection with Nature, understanding the importance and good use of Technology and the symbolism of Arquitecture in our society.

We have to start with Mythology, bring it back to our lifes. This is the stepping stone of our relearning of the importance of our existence and purpose in this world.

We are living in a perpetual Nihilism, where nothing has meaning or importance anymore, most of our daily activities are senseless and absurd. Returning to myth can be a way of guiding people.

We have to reconnect again with nature, bring it to our cities and create a fusion of our modern life with the natural world of our planet. Nature, humans, Technology and Arquitecture all fused toghther.

I created this new work to think very deeply about our relationship with nature at this moment and in the future. Our Human needs always to find a way to control nature and its elements. And why during this process do we get more and more seperated from a natural way of living and from the natural world?

Can Nature resurface in a Symbolic way, in a godly way again?

Are we ready to be consciously part of it again?

In this new body of work, we will start our journey by approaching each of this concepts, Mythology, Nature, Technology, Arquitecture. Each of one has its own body of work and own language.

Also we will explore the important role that the artist can have in the transmission of this knowledge.

He should play the role of connecting us to the invisible world and art is one of the best ways to achieve it. Some of the subjects that an artist can perform, and has the obligation to perform it, are the search and study of death and other realities, the existence of a spiritual side in all humans and our connection with it.

He has the ability to understand the symbolic world, to connect with mythology and to analyse Human nature in all aspects of its psycological and social behaviour. He can interpret our inner spiritual divinity, that is present in all Nature’s aspect, and reconnect us all with it again.

Every concept, with its own body of work, will have exhibitions that tell the story of this human journey.

Art in galleries should touch us again, have a deep meaning but also be fun again, and not something boring, made with elitist approach. This will be a place free to touch, play, enjoy, experience.

Our constant stress, lack of time, fears and distractions prevent people to connect with each other and to aknowledge the power of art. The galeries and museums offer people a space for contemplation, it’s an invitation toexplore other realities.



It is necessary to bring Myth to life again, to make it part of Men existence.

Resurface of the Ritual/ Myth.

The Myth must be kept alive, the artists are the ones that can do it, their function should be the mythologization of the World and Nature. To help make the world a sacred place anew, to have respect and connection with nature. They invested the earth with spiritual powers, everything was mythical and sacred, the earth was our temple.

We must give this meaning back to the World!

Myths are a map for our lives, that guide us and show us the different symbolisms and archetypes present in our lives. They help us to find our purpose, to be aware again that our lives have all a purpose and that it must be lived daily.

This power of Will helps us not to lose focus of our path, even with all the barriers that life puts in our way.

Our life is a Mythological journey and all its obstacles are the way to our evolution, to our eternal life. The Myth teaches us to seek our purpose on this planet, it serves as the guide for our lives.

When we find our purpose, we feel that it has always been there, that this is the life we should live. We feel that our inner world, dreams and desires fit with the outside world, something that pushes us and helps us to follow our purpose, removing the obstacles in front of us. We feel that this way was always there to follow… we are connected with our inner voice, we just have to listen to it.

We feel that we are on the right track, when we feel a constant ecstasy with our lives, when we are able to give our life for something greater than ourselves. The Hero loses his ego, he sacrifices himself for something higher. This is the supreme test. All obstacles become tests for the hero and make him grow during his path.

A path that has a process of beginning, death, resurrection and return. The Myth is a visionary search that dwells within our intimate, our darkest and most unconscious side that needs to be faced and materialized.

The Hero is moved by something stronger than him, a force, a destiny, it is not just an adventure.

Our world is completely emptied of moral and spiritual values. People feel powerless, devoid of purpose and the power of their will. They feel a constant tedium and alienated from the world and from the others. It is the sociological stagnation of inautentic lives, of a life that is imposed on us and that has nothing to do with the experience of our purpose and the infinite potentialities of the human being.

The Hero is the Bringer of a new reality, of Utopia. He is the founder of something new, bringer of change, of revolution in all sectors of our society, founder of a new era, of a new way of living life.

Those who lived their purpose and went through various adventures, each of these people, founded a new way of seeing life. They lived their own lives in their own way, they did not imitate anyone’s life, it was an entirely personal pursuit. Always using our Power of Will, which makes us stay ahead and gives us energy to overcome any obstacle.

— Mythology for many centuries showed us the way, shaped our behaviors, our emotional attitudes, gave us a purpose, managed our education, ethics and morals.

— Myths, cosmology, Sociology, connection with the invisible world, fusion with the nature. It is this the new world that we have to build.

What Myths teach us about the pursuit of happiness is that it is intrinsically linked to our destiny, what makes us feel happy is synonymous to be on the right path to the pursuit of our purpose.

It is easier to stay at home, in our comfort zone and not risk going straight into the unknown, no one wants to venture into the jungle… but we just have to follow our inner voice.

As we move forward into the unknown, we must learn not to deny anything to the world or to our lives, to accept each reality and every challenge that lies ahead.

Mythology shows us what is beyond the visible world, it is our connection with other realities and with our unconscious. It shows us how we are connected with all forms of life and with cosmos, and how space and time are realities in the visible world.

The Hero’s Saga is the adventure of being alive!