People that live inside us

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The reality itself is a constant intrinsic duality of all moments and experiences. The more we try to define what surrounds us, to feel safe and comfortable on this assignment of identity, we realize an obvious construction of multiple singularities, that constantly grow in space and time.

The self can act as a temporary shelter, it can never be a permanent home. It has in it an everlasting condition of incompleteness, which is a reflection of our own subjectification.

It is through this existence, complex and contradictory, that HIM takes the moment to create and express the immateriality of the form that underlies all reality. Through a strong chromatics, which through its overlay layers, suggests a projection of the work itself, always with techniques of dematerialization. In this dynamic procedure, the work becomes an instrument or a device in constant transformation.

In his paintings, we are peering between worlds. We stalk the confusion into a society made up of people, who are diluted and diffused, hidden and covert. The confusion is the earth, the nature, the peace of what is healthy, alive and fertile, where there are explosions of colors and senses, always with the presence of people.

People are culture, communication, art, war, tiles, job ads and house bills.

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