A performance should be a learning process of different sides of life. After living it, it becomes part of our personality. It should be a profound experience that transforms you totally, that shapes your character.

Another part of life that you have discovered and lived, which this new experience is now part of you.

It is no longer possible to have only one social role for the rest of our life. Performance is a transformation in “Jack’s” life, who is an economist and his entire life was an economist and then he dies being “Jack”, who was an economist for a lifetime.

A performance should have this function of learning and transformation, something that we add in our personality, in our Being, and not only a 30 minutes act in a gallery, which then ends and people like it or not, and clap.

This is nothing more than entertainment, a show… and there is nothing worse than constant fun to occupy our mind and make us lethargic in life, a constant stomping that has haunted us from the time of the Roman games for the people.

This is all empty, it’s pure show business, another vídeo in Youtube.

The Human Being should live several lives during his life, and all of them will be part of him… it is a constant dying and rebirth throughout our passage on this planet, it is necessary not to be attached to material things. Otherwise we will be stagnant in this process. A performance happens while it makes sense. The day that it doesn’t make sense anymore, we have to let it go and move forward. And then create another performance, live it and discover another part of ourselves.

More and more, humanity will live for more years. If one day we have a quality life up to 300 years, we will not be just “Jack” the economist for 300 years.

If incarnation is a reality, this is what it is for, to live several lives… the incarnations are performances, an acquired and real experience of a part of life, which increase our experience and knowledge.

We should transform our lives in a constant work of art.

We are an accumulation of experiences, the performances should become new characteristics of our Ego.