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In order to make performance part of my life, I decided to create an act, that I never played before.

It’s a work in progress, it’s part of me and I’m part of it. I sleep and I wake up performing. I made my life a constant work of art.

I lived many years as HIM, the artist that paints and makes installations. And I was doing only this, choosing to live in a long safe distance from markets and businesses, in my atelier.

5 years ago I had an idea, to know how all these people with suits and neckties live, how it would be to be the normal person that does the “normal things”. The one that is part of the system, lives and contributes for the capitalism growth. All the things I had kept in distance. I decided to do it living it, as a performance. I embodied this role I never had before and I created a company, that would have two projects.

I was Mr. M. now. I had many suits. People in meetings respect and like Mr. M.’s suits. It’s about a suit, a piece of fabric, not about me. Not about him. I return home as HIM. It’s even worst than I had thought before. Capitalism is an aberration of our social conditions, it grows faster than I thought as more people try to be part of it, obsessed in climbing the lather of our stratified social structure. They are all performing.

Our suits are the customs. Many of them come with their speech prepared. It’s a theater.

I travel a lot. I go to the airport as Mr. M., the securities will respect more Mr. M. with his suit. I go to the business meetings as Mr. M. and I return home as HIM. I travelled to many countries, performing for Mr. M.’s projects. They invited me to China, there was a great act. Probably all of us were acting. Some get this more serious.